Hunger at Home Saves Unused Food

Our speaker on June 16, 2017 was Madison Nguyen, CEO of Hunger at Home. She is also a former Vice Mayor of the City of San Jose, and termed out of office in 2014.

Hunger at Home is a nonprofit that acts as a matchmaker between the kitchens of hotels and convention centers and local nonprofits. A hotel or convention center with unused meals are matched with one or more nonprofits that collect the food and serve it to those in need. On a typical day, 600-1000 meals are distributed, food that would otherwise have been thrown away. Meals were distributed to many of the evacuees of the recent flooding in San Jose. During the recent 3-day long Facebook F8 conference at the San Jose Convention Center, approximately 3,500 unused meals were collected and distributed to those in need.

It doesn’t stop at food either. As hotels rotate out their used linens, pillows, china, even their flat screen televisions, those items are collected and distributed to individuals and nonprofits that can use them.

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Updated: May 29, 2017 — 6:41 pm
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