August 22 Meeting

1st VP Roald Alexander was in charge this week, with Lion Pres. Judy and Lion Sec. Jan both away on vacation. They are expected to return on the 29th. What started out to be a quiet meeting became quite busy.

  • Lion Art Low and Ed Pansullo will be gone the first full week of September, participating in the Lions in Sight Panama Mission. They will have a presentation on the trip at our September 12 meeting.

Oktoberfest News (yes, in August)

  • Oktoberfest is less than two months away, on October 21 & 22.
  • Lion Art says he will start the signup sheet at next week’s meeting. There will be morning and afternoon shifts on both days.
  • The ABC training, for anyone who needs it, will be held on Sunday Oct 1. Registration required.
  • Members are encouraged to wear their purple Lions polo shirt while working their shift. New Lions shirts with the Lions logo are available from the Lions Store for around $40 + S&H. An even better deal, you can order one through Lion Bert Caro — customized with the club’s name — for $28, payable on delivery.

White Cane Days

  • White Cane Days are approaching as well, on October 6 & 7

[Breaking News!] There is a supply hiccup.

  • After last year, we threw away the old, torn, stained, and faded signs, planning to replace them this year.
  • Our supplier of canes and signs — White Cane Day Inc. — a project affiliated with the Monterey Park Lions Club, has shut down. The equipment and materials were passed on to the Washtucna (WA) Lions Club. They don’t appear to be in business yet. We do have other options to replace the signs and canes for this year’s White Cane Days.


Peace Poster and Student Speaker Contests

Our two, school related contests are both approaching as well.

  • Peace Poster Contest (Ed Pansullo, Chair). This year’s theme: “The Future of Peace”
  • Student Speaker Contest (Bert Caro, Chair) Topic: “What Role Does Integrity and Civility Play in Today’s Society?”

We have lost most of our school contacts. If you have any contact information for Middle Schools (Peace Poster contest) or High Schools (Speaker Contest), please let the project chairs know. We came up with a few possibilities in the meeting, but we definitely need more.

Updated: August 23, 2017 — 11:39 pm
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