August 1 Meeting

Lion President Judy reported on the July Board Meeting. The main item was the passage of the 2017-2018 budget. We will be spending a little less money this coming year as compared to 2016-2017– this is because we had accumulated a surplus that we spent down over the course of the past year. Now all we have to do is raise all of the money the budget calls for us to spend.

September 12, Lion Art Low will give us a program on the Lions in Sight trip to Panama, taking place Sept. 2-9.

There will not be a board meeting in August. The next Board Meeting will be September 28, 6:30pm.

The club will try to recruit schools to participate in this year’s Lions Peace Poster Contest. This year’s theme: The Future of Peace. It is hoped that either Lion Bert or Lion Ed will chair this project for the club.

Lion Judy reported that the Blind Center is in financial trouble, and it might merge with Palo Alto’s center. The Bascom Ave. location would remain, and additional programs from Palo Alto’s program would be offered there.

Updated: August 21, 2017 — 6:12 pm
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